Perguntas Frequentes

What's the main difference between RVs and your vehicles?

No walls! Head to to read the rest.

What's the deal with the rooftop tent? How does it work?

We love rooftop tents! Once you've tried them - it's hard to go back to traditional tents on the ground and RVs. Adventure travellers in Australia and Africa have been using rooftop tents for decades and the trend is finally arriving to North America. All our rooftop tents have mattresses and are super comfortable. You are guaranteed a great sleep under the Milky Way.

What's included in my rental?

We realize that this type of travel may not be cheapest but when you think of how much gear and equipment you're getting - it's so worth it! Our 4x4 vehicles include: - a rooftop tent that sleeps 2-3 people - full kitchen with the dual burner stove, pots and pans, cups, plates, cutlery, dishwashing liquid and sponge - Jeep Rubicon comes with the Engel fridge; Tacoma TRD Pro and FJ Cruiser come with top of the line Yeti coolers - 5 gallon/20 L water can - Luxury camping furniture from Snow Peak - table and chairs - Jeep and Toyota has awnings - First aid kit, lighting, recovery ropes, battery start cables - Snow chains for winter travel - toiler paper, paper towel, body wipes, matches, headlamps

How many people can come with me?

The number of seats is determined by the number of seatbelts in the car.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon: seats 4+, rooftop tent sleeps 2-3 people
Tacoma TRD Pro: seats 4+, sleeps 2-3 people
FJ Cruiser: seats 4+, sleeps 2-3 people

Add a ground tent for extra people